Authors and other contributors
Russell Farris. I'm a retired artificial-intelligence researcher who spent most of my life solving problems for the U.S. Navy. After my heart attack in 1998, I began to apply my problem-solving experience to the study of heart disease and related illnesses. I live in San Diego, California, and I maintain this website.
Per Mårin, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Mårin is a distinguished scientist, physician, and clinical teacher from Sweden. He has been writing about obesity since 1985, and many of his publications deal with the effects of cortisol on weight and health. A partial list of his scientific publications is given below.
Other contributors
Richard Huemer, M.D. Dr. Huemer read an early draft of The Potbelly Syndrome, and a few years later he read the nearly-finished manuscript. He made valuable corrections and suggestions both times. Dr. Huemer also wrote the Foreword to The Potbelly Syndrome.
         Dr. Huemer is the coauthor of Guide to Beating the Supergerms, a book that tells you how to use vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system. It is an excellent book.
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. Dr. Rimland was the Director of the Autism Research Institute before his death in 2006. He taught me to be suspicious of all claims about cause and effect. His influence can be found on nearly every page of The Potbelly Syndrome.
Partial list of Dr. Mårin's publications
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